Tranquil B



Ancient Herbs x Modern Science

Made from super herbs such as Ashwagandha, and carefully combined with natural minerals such as Magnesium and amino acids like GABA. Tranquil can not only help you manage your anxiety, but also lessen cortisol weight gain caused by stress. This formula is truly one-of-a kind!

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All-Natural Relaxation

When taken daily combined with a healthy lifestyle, Tranquil can provide freedom from crippling symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can also:

  • Boost Mood
  • Enhance Cognition
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Reduce Cortisol Related Weight Gain


"I am so much less worrisome and anxious, I'm sleeping better and my friends even mentioned how much calmer and happier I seem!"
- Maria


Ayurvedic Adaptogenic Blend

We combined natural ingredients with Ayurevdic herbs and Adaptogens to create a Vegan friendly non addictive supplement to support the body’s natural stress response. Here is why we chose them:

  • AshwagandhaAn Ayurvedic Super Herb & Adaptogen. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years, and shown to lower cortisol, reduce stress, increase cognition, boost immune system, and more.
  • NiacinamideAn essential vitamin that helps with skin and cell health. It also increases blood circulation and helps evenly distribute the adaptogens in the formula throughout the body.
  • GABAA neurotransmitter that attaches to your receptors to produce a calming effect, and improving mood. It also helps stabilize blood pressure, and symptoms of PMS.
  • L-TyrosineIs an amino acid that the body produces. It increases the dopamine neurotransmitters and shown to aid with memory aid, mental performance, & alertness. Several case studies have used L-Tyrosine to treat depression.
  • MagnesiumA vital mineral for the body, however your body can’t make it- you must obtain through diet or supplements. Shown to boost performance, relax muscles, and great for bone and heart health.
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