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3 easy ways to experience Ayurveda now


Ayurveda has many tips and recommendations that help one achieve optimal health. We show you 3 easy ways to start experiencing all that this ancient modality has to offer now.

1) Move that Lymph! Ayurvedic dry-brushing, called garshana (pronounced gar-shun-uh), promotes lymphatic cleansing and is a powerful way to support the removal of ama (cellular waste products) from the body. Garshana is traditionally done using raw silk or linen gloves, though many prefer to use a natural bristle body brush. This technique is recommended for people who have signs of ama, which may include fatigue, sluggishness, feeling physical or mental dullness, constipation, and a taxed immune system.

2) Feel the powerful effects of Ayurvedic herbs! Ancient adaptogens and herbs listed throughout Ayurveda strengthen the body in many ways. A variety of herbs are prized for their powerful effects but we incorporate the most beneficial ones in our product line. 

Ashwagandha: This powerful adaptogen is prized for its ability to lower cortisol, a stress hormone that can be harmful when overproduced by modern lifestyles. Find it in Tranquil Daily Stress Management Capsules.

Turmeric: (blog post here) This anti-inflammatory antioxidant is known for its immune system and anti-aging benefits. Find it in Relief Capsules for pain/recovery & Defense for an Immune System Boost. 

3) Make a healing drink! A major pillar of Ayurveda is healthy and intuitive eating practices. Digestion is of utmost importance and simples practices such as drinking warm water are encouraged. For those of us looking for a little more flavor, these 2 recipes are easy to make and healing to the digestive system.

Simple Fennel Tea

Add raw fennel seeds to warm water and sip before or after a meal

Golden Milk 

This recipe is soo good, we have a dedicated blog post. Find it here

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